How does YouTube ad revenue work?

Information on YouTube's ad view monetization process

 Under an exclusive partnership, one of the ways a video can generate income is through ad view monetization on media player sites like YouTube. Every video that gets brought into the Jukin library with an exclusive agreement automatically gets uploaded onto Jukin's YouTube channel called "RM Videos." We use this channel as an opportunity to begin monetizing each of our videos as well as a means to claim any pirated copies found across the YouTube platform.

YouTube collects and reports ad monetization data on a month-by-month basis, so ad revenue will not be updated to the partner dashboard in real time. If one's video is publicly posted onto YouTube, whatever revenue is generated from YouTube's ad views over the course of a given month will be reported to Jukin the following month and posted to the partner dashboard around the 20th of the month.

Overall, it is difficult to predict how much revenue a video will earn from YouTube just based on view count alone. This is because not every view on a video gets monetized and the ones that are will vary based on a few factors—whether an ad appeared on the video or not, how long the ad was viewed, if the ad was clicked or not, the location of the viewer, even the length of the video itself—these can all have an effect on how much gets earned. As a general rule, videos on YouTube will not begin to see revenue until they surpass at least the 10K view mark.


YouTube charges advertisers a rate, called CPM, to display their ads on a video. CPM stands for cost-per-thousand impressions (where 'M' represents the Roman numeral for one thousand), meaning advertisers pay for each set of a thousand views of their ad, not views of your video. This is the most widely misunderstood element of monetizing on YouTube. CPM does not guarantee how many ads will display on your video, nor how many advertisers choose to advertise on your video.

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Once Jukin Media receives the monthly report from YouTube detailing that your video has generated revenue from ad views, that data will be posted to your partner dashboard under the "ad revenue" tab of your Earnings Breakdown page, ready to be paid out to you!

If your video is already uploaded onto your personal YouTube channel, then it may receive a copyright claim from Jukin after you have signed with us. This copyright claim is the means by which Jukin can help monetize its views on your behalf via the special partnership that Jukin has with YouTube. (Learn more about the copyright claim procedure here.)