Why did Jukin place a Copyright claim on my YouTube video?

Information on the YouTube copyright claim

If your video is uploaded onto your personal YouTube channel, it may receive a copyright claim from Jukin Media after you sign with us. This claim is not the same as a strike and does not take copyright or ownership from you nor will it affect your channel negatively. Rather, this is standard procedure for how we protect your video as well as monetize it on your behalf at the preferred rate we receive from YouTube.

By placing the claim on your video, Jukin is able to use it as a reference point to find and claim all other copies of your video across YouTube using a content ID matching tool. This way, if  anyone else takes and uploads your video, any revenue earned from their ad views will go to you instead! 

Note: If you are already in the YouTube Partner Program and are monetizing your YouTube channel independently, please let us know by contacting partnersupport@jukinmedia.com. We can assist you with releasing the claim.