How Does Jukin Media promote my video?*

*For revenue-sharing agreements only

Our goal at Jukin Licensing is to maximize the value of your content by getting your video licensed by as many third-party clients as possible.

When you sign a video with Jukin, it gets added to our licensing library where professionals from the entertainment, digital media, and advertising industries search for great content on a daily basis. We also have a global licensing team that proactively sends your video to different ad agencies, TV shows, news organizations, and websites where it might make a good fit. Finally, we utilize an online distribution network which includes sites such as the Associated Press, Reuters, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. These sites receive a copy of every video that gets brought into the Jukin library which expands our reach of potential customers. 

We also have a production team who promotes the videos in our library by featuring them onto our social media channels and Jukin-affiliated brands. By featuring videos onto our affiliate channels— whether in organized compilation videos or in standalone social media posts—they have the opportunity to be seen by our audience of fans and followers which helps videos gain awareness, popularity, and attracts interested licensees for your content. Read here for a full list of all our affiliate brands.