Trusted Media Brand Programming

Information on TMB (Jukin) owned and operated brands, social pages, and channels.

Trusted Media Brands (Jukin) owns and manages several brands through which we organize and promote the content in our licensing library. You may see your video featured on a number of our brands:

FailArmy / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

People Are Awesome / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

The Pet Collective / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Poke My Heart / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

This is Happening / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Jukin Media / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Daily Picks and Flicks / YouTube 

TBD / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

RM Videos YouTube


Family Handyman

Readers Digest

Taste of Home

Birds and Blooms

The Healthy



Country Woman

Farm and Ranch Living


Our Production team is always featuring videos from our library onto these channels as a way to generate awareness, excitement and, hopefully, licensing deals, for videos that we like.

While revenue is not earned through these promotional uses on our TMB pages, these features have proven to be a very effective way of attracting licensing opportunities for your content.