How much can I earn with my video?

Information on how Jukin monetizes your video, how long it can take, and how much you can potentially earn.

Because every clip in our library is unique, each is going to have a different experience with our client network and our monetization platforms. Though we cannot predict when a video will be licensed or begin to see revenue, on average, videos in our library receive their first payment within about 6 months to a year into the partnership.

Under a revenue-share partnership, a video can generate revenue in two ways: by being licensed by a third party client or by receiving ad views on monetized sites like YouTube.

Monetization from YouTube will post to the dashboard on a monthly basis, given that your video has garnered enough ad views that month to generate revenue from advertisers. Typically, videos don't start to see revenue from YouTube until they reach at least the 10k view mark. (Learn more about YouTube monetization here.)

When it comes to revenue from licensing, it is important to keep in mind that licensing deals take time to be manually processed by our team, therefore, a licensed use of your video will not be reflected in the partner dashboard right away. From the time a video gets used by an authorized client, it will take approximately 30 - 90 days to go through the processing pipeline before appearing in the dashboard under the “Earnings Breakdown” tab. This is an estimated timeline, however, and the process can sometimes take longer so we ask that you please remain patient when waiting for updates on pending payments to post to your account. 

With respect to licensing royalties, a video will command a different rate based on several criteria, such as what territory it is broadcast in, the duration of the license agreement, and the type of media it is used on. Generally, many one-time licensing payments are between $75 and $200, but for commercial and advertising uses, fees can range from $200 to $1,000 or more. While it may take some time before a video gets licensed, the average video in our library will generate around $500 in its lifetime.