Why do you need my Social Security Number?

Information on the safety of our payment portal

If you are a US taxpayer, we will need to have a W9 form on file in order to process payments to your account, per US government regulations.

Jukin has partnered with Tipalti, a trusted payments company, to securely and reliably collect and store personally identifiable information from users. When you submit your payment and taxpayer information, it goes directly to their system which is SOC2 compliant certified for user data.

In January of each new year you will be mailed or emailed a 1099-MISC form, if you have been received payments the year prior, in compliance with US law.

See our FAQ article, W9 Tax Form, for instructions on how to complete this important information.


Please note: we are not able to give advice on how or when you should file your taxes. We recommend that you contact a tax professional with any questions.