How do I know when or where my video was used?

Currently, our system does not send automatic notifications to video owners when their video has been licensed by a client. This is due to the nature of licensing deals which are processed manually by our team and must go through various departments before being finalized in our system.

On some occasions, our regular, trusted clients will use a video from our library before they report it to us. Once a client has informed Jukin of what content they used, it will typically take between 30-90 days for the licensing deal to be fully processed. Once we have received payment from our clients for using your clip, that deal will get posted to your dashboard shortly after where you will then be able to see who licensed your video and for how much under the "Earnings Breakdown" tab.

In addition to this, Jukin may also upload your video onto YouTube or other similar media player sites as a way of helping it accrue page views and, therefore, revenue through ad monetization. Similar to licensing your video, you will see the revenue from this reported to your dashboard under the “Ad Revenue” tab of your “Earnings Breakdown” page. 

Because our system is not able to send notifications whenever there is new information on your dashboard, it is recommended that you check in to your dashboard account about once a month to look for updates.