I have a question about a Discount Pack.

Discount Packs are available on the Pricing Page. When you purchase a Discount Pack, you will receive credits that you can redeem for video licenses on our website. Any unused credit will expire 1 year after purchase.

When you buy a Discount Pack, you will receive two emails. One is a receipt of your purchase; the other contains a unique code that you will use to redeem your credit. When you are ready to license specific content, simply add the video(s) to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Enter your code in the "Discount Code" area of checkout to redeem part or all of your Discount Pack credit.

Discount Pack credits can only be applied to Personal, Basic Pro, and Super Pro Digital Editorial licenses on our website. They cannot be applied to Rights Management purchases or custom Enterprise licenses. 

At this time, our website is not able to display the remaining unused credit balance of your Discount Packs so we recommend to keep track of your remaining credit. If you need additional help, please contact us at customersupport@jukinmedia.com or by submitting an inquiry at this page