What if Someones Uses My Video Without a License?

Information on what to do if you see your video on TV, websites, or other social media pages and you're not sure if it was licensed.

Our Copyright team is always on the lookout for infringements of our licensed content, but the internet is a big place! If you see your video being used somewhere (whether in an advertisement, compilation video, or social media post) and are not sure if it was licensed, please send it to us for confirmation.

You can also report links through your Partner Dashboard by clicking on the Report Infringements tab which will send the use directly to our Rights Management team.

If the use is unauthorized, our Rights Management team will reach out to the infringer and either issue a takedown notice or any other appropriate action.

Keep in mind, if you see your video used on a website or social media page, it might be a licensed, authorized usage, so please do not report any instance or copy of your video. If you think you have found a copyright infringement, please send the link to partnersupport@jukinmedia.com or through the Report Infringement page in your account so our expert teams can confirm.

Licensed uses of your content will appear in your Partner Dashboard once the invoice has been processed and the payment for it has been received. Please be patient when looking for your video's licensing updates, as reports typically take 30 - 90 days to appear in your dashboard.

If you have any questions when following up on a potential infringement or licensed uses of your content, please contact the Partner Support team by sending us a message at partnersupport@jukinmedia.com