What does “Whitelist” mean, and when does it take effect?

Whitelisting is a process whereby Jukin can protect your websites and social media accounts from claims of copyright infringement. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook have automated tools to detect the use of copyrighted content on their platforms. If you use one of Jukin's exclusive videos, and your page is not whitelisted, those systems may flag your account for copyright infringement. When Jukin whitelists your account, we tell those systems that you have our permission to use the content, thus protecting you from claims of infringement.

In order for Jukin to whitelist your account, you must provide us with the URL. Follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your account at jukinmedia.com/licensing
  • Click the Account icon and select Profile.
  • On the Social tab of your profile, in the section titled "Set Your Channel Whitelist", click Add Account.
  • Choose the digital platform where you will publish Jukin's content. Enter the URL of your channel or website, and click Save.
  • Repeat this process for each channel and platform where you will publish Jukin's content.

Whitelisting may take 1 to 2 business days to take effect. To be safe, we recommend that you wait 48 hours after you submit your whitelist URLs before publishing your content. If you submitted a URL for whitelisting, but you still received a copyright infringement claim, please contact customersupport@jukinmedia.com