What if I have permission from the video owner?

If you received permission to use the content, please provide us proof of that permission. Email copyrightteam@jukinmedia.com with the following:

The permission must be in writing, and include the name of the person you got permission from, the date/time obtained, and the rights given.  The permission must be for the specific content in dispute, and must be from the true rights holder of the content to be considered valid.

Proof of permission may be an email or a screenshot of a social media conversation. The proof of permission must be in writing from the copyright owner of the content for the specific content in dispute, and provide enough information for us to independently verify the permission.

Permission received after Jukin has obtained exclusive rights is unauthorized and invalid.

If you received permission from an agency, please provide Jukin with the agency information and the date you received permission in order for Jukin to verify.