Appearance Releases

Information regarding your video clearance and the people appearing in your video

Any person(s) appearing in the content that you submit to Jukin Media, Inc. (“Jukin”) may be required to sign an appearance release in order to grant Jukin and its licensing partners the right to use, for example, such person’s appearance, name and likeness for any licensing opportunities of such content. Jukin attempts to obtain an appearance release for every person appearing in the content submitted to Jukin when possible; however, licensing opportunities may still be available for content that does not have a release on file.

If you have any further questions regarding appearance releases or to receive an AR form for those in your video, please email


Please read the appearance release carefully and consult your own attorney if necessary before signing the release. Please note that all information made available on this page is for general informational purposes only, and nothing contained herein is, or is intended to constitute, legal advice. Also, please note that nothing contained herein shall supersede or otherwise obviate any agreement you may have with Jukin, or any of the terms and conditions set forth therein.