How long does it take before my video starts to earn money?

Information on the timeline for licensing deals and what to expect for revenue.

Every video is different and will have its own unique experience when it comes to receiving licensing deals, ad revenue, and being promoted across online channels. All of this depends on the content of your video! 

As soon as you sign a video agreement through Jukin Media, your video is published onto our Licensing Platform where it is discoverable by creative professionals who browse our library everyday looking for great content. Additionally, our Licensing team is always pitching videos to our media clients (See the article about "How Does Jukin promote my video?"). We work hard to represent and monetize your content because, when you and your video succeeds, so do we! 

That said, sometimes it may take a while before a video receives its first deal or dollar. This may be because pending licensing deals take a couple months to process, or because the content of your video is simply not what our clients are seeking at the moment. Due to the nature of production and licensing, videos get used when they fit certain themes or categories, so it can take some time before a video finds the right home. Either way, the world of licensing can sometimes  feel like “hurry up and wait”. Fortunately, the longer a video remains in our library, the more opportunities it has to be licensed. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as our Jukin team works hard to promote your content!